AMA-MSS Interim 2014

Your regional leadership is proud to be joining you in Dallas, TX for I-14. We wanted to reach out to everyone before we make the trip down in order to remind you of our first meeting, some general guidelines, and to introduce ourselves.

First Time Attendees: You will begin orientation at 5:00 PM on Thursday. It is also recommended that you attend the parliamentary procedures meeting afterwards in order to get a better understanding of the way the General Assembly will be conducted

Delegates/ Alternate Delegates: There is a meeting that will begin at 5:30 PM on Thursday for all school voting delegates and alternate delegates. If you have not attended a parliamentary procedures meeting before, it is highly recommended that you attend the same meeting afterwards as you will be expected to adhere to the guidelines.

Everyone: We will have our first Region 7 meeting at 7:00 PM on Thursday. We will be going over logistics for the meetings and giving our the schedule of Region 7 affairs at this meeting.

While we will all be having a lot of fun in Dallas, this is still a professional meeting and you will be expected to conduct yourselves accordingly. You represent your school, state, and region and I know you will do us all proud. One thing to keep in mind is dress code. While the meeting says business casual, it is recommended that you dress in professional business attire for the formal parts of the meeting. (i.e. Men: Suits/Jacket & Tie Women: Suits/Professional Dress/Professional Blouse & Jacket)

Finally, we would like to introduce ourselves. We look forward to a productive meeting and a productive year!


Co-Chairs: Christina Kratschmer & Andrew Goldsmith

andrew christina

This year we have two co-chairs for the region. Christina Kratschmer is an MD/Ph.D. student Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Andrew Goldsmith is a 4th year medical student at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. We want our members to work together to grow local leadership into both state and region led initiatives. We will continue to develop community service projects, provide mentorship, and provide information on relevant medical student issues affecting all of us. This executive council will continue to foster networking opportunities and channels for you personally grow both within the AMA-MSS and externally with in our respective states. Please take advantage of the resources we have to offer and feel free to ask any questions. At the meetings, we are responsible for conducting the region meetings. You will see us up front guiding the business of the meeting as well as interpreting the bylaws as needed. We work with the rest of our team to make sure you all have a great time staying involved with the AMA-MSS throughout the year. We both look forward to seeing you in Dallas.

Andrew Goldsmith is a fourth year student at the University of Connecticut serving as your co-chair for this year. He will be pursuing a career in emergency medicine! As for the AMA, he has been working with the AMA-MSS since his first year. He served last year as the Advocacy chair of the region and founded the AMA-MSS vendor fair. The AMA has significantly enhanced his understanding of medical policy and how to effectively advocate for issues that we find extremely important.

Vice-Chair: Jason Bowman

jasonHey everyone, my name is Jason and I’m halfway through my third year at The Alpert Medical School of Brown University. I was originally introduced to the AMA by several upperclassmen friends, currently serve Region VII as the Vice-Chair and as a Delegate, and also am the Co-Chair for the national House Coordination Committee (HCC). My role as the vice-chair involves a variety of responsibilities, mostly centered around supporting the success of sections and states within our region. One of my favorite roles is planning the upcoming annual Region VII meeting – which is going to be fantastic and you should all try to attend!

I look forward to talking with many of you in Dallas, later this week!

Advocacy Chair: Samuel Kolander


Hello!  I am currently a second year MD student at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NY. I am involved with the AMA on a state level as well as one of the co-chairs for the Public Health Committee for the Medical Society of the State of New York.  I am particularly interested in health care disparities in urban communities, specifically in adolescent, LGBT and IV drug-using populations.  As advocacy chair, my role is to assist the region in addressing the policy issues that our region faces. I work with the national committees on the #SaveGME campaign as well as with the state and local chapters. I also am responsible for the advocacy efforts at our regional meeting and will be planning a region-wide advocacy event this winter.  I am happy to help anyone who has questions about writing or formulating policies, and although I will not able to make it to interim this year I can be reached at samuel.kolander@med.einstein.yu.edu.  I am, however, looking forward to meeting new students at the regional and national conferences.

Secretary: Christopher Libby

MeI am currently a second year student at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. I have been working with the AMA-MSS since my first year in medical school and am currently serving on both the CEQM (Committee on Economics and Quality in Medicine) and on I-14 RefCom (Reference Committee). My role as secretary is to help support the roles of the rest of the regional leadership team. You will see me documenting our meetings, taking attendance, and helping with the organization of our meetings. If you have any questions on the bylaws, have anything you wish to distribute to the region, or have any general questions about the AMA-MSS I would be happy to help you. I look forward to meeting many of you in Dallas and working with you this year.


Membership and Recruitment Chair: Jeff Weinrebjeff

My name is Jeff Weinreb and I’m the 2014-2015 Membership and Recruitment Chair. I’m a second year student at the University of Connecticut School Of Medicine. As recruitment chair, I have been in contact with region 7 recruitment chairs and the national MSSOP. I have also been working closely with the state medical societies to reach out to medical schools without an active chapter. I’d be happy to answer questions about section involvement grants, membership and recruitment events, attending regional and national meetings, and getting more involved at the national level. I hope to see many of you in Dallas, at the regional meeting, and in Chicago for the national meeting.

Community Service Chair: Sherry Prasad

sherryI am currently a second year student at Boston University. I serve as both the community service chair for the region as well as for Massachusetts. My job as recruitment chair is to help coordinate the community service project at the regional meeting in the spring. I also work with state societies on projects during the fall.

State Rep (VT): Alissa Correll

AlissaI am currently a second-year student at University of Vermont College of Medicine in Burlington, VT. I have been working with the AMA to build a Vermont chapter since my first year. My newly-created role in our region is to increase membership and AMA activity in my state, and maintain contact with the other states in our region. You’ll see me reaching out to other region leadership and newcomers, and working to bring other small states into the regional fold. I truly look forward to working with all the AMA leadership, answering questions about Vermont, and helping Vermont contribute to Region 7.


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