Region 7 Leadership

Shaan Gandhi, Chair: shaan.c.gandhi@gmail.com

Karan Desai, Vice Chair: karan.p.desai@gmail.com

Christina Kratschmer, Secretary: christinakratschmer@gmail.com

Marika Osterbur, Community Service: marika.osterbur@med.einstein.yu.edu

Eli Freiman, Membership: Eli.Freiman@umassmed.edu

Region 7 Delegates 2013

Michael Lubrano, Regional Delegate: lubrano.michael@gmail.com

Ankit Agarwal, Regional Delegate: aagarwal@bu.edu

Raymond Lorenzoni III, Regional Delegate, raymond.lorenzoni@gmail.com

Grayson Armstrong, Alternate Delegate, grayson_armstrong@brown.edu

Naharis Bahamon Fernandez, Alternate Delegate, nbahamon@bu.edu

Christina Kratschmer, Alternate Delegate, christinakratschmer@gmail.com

Region 7 Delegates 2012

Jamie Sparling, Head Regional Delegate: sparling.jamie@gmail.com

Michael Lubrano, Regional Delegate: lubrano.michael@gmail.com

Robert Viviano, Regional Delegate: rob.viviano@gmail.com

Chelsea McGuire, Alternate Delegate: chelsea.mcguire@gmail.com

Grayson Armstrong, Alternate Delegate: grayson_armstrong@brown.edu

Ben Schanker, Alternate Delegate: bschanker@hms.harvard.edu

In addition, contact information for local and state leadership can be found here


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