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On October 29, the AMA chapter at the University of Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences held its annual Halloween Party for diabetic children. In the candy fueled hustle and bustle of the Halloween season, those children for whom sugary treats are not an option are often forgotten. With the emphasis on Trick or Treating and the focus on sugary snacks even in schools, those children affected by diabetes are often forced to sit out the festivities due to their condition. Although most children enjoy this time of year, those with diabetes often struggle with a feeling of exclusion. To help counter this, the AMA at UB reaches out to local child diabetes support organizations and hospitals to invite their patients to the Medical Campus for an evening of fun. In addition to the usual Halloween goodies for their parents and friends, a wide variety of sugar free snacks and drinks were provided for the children. Games, including Pumpkin Balloon Pop, Halloween Twister, and “Eyeball” Cup Toss entertained the kids and gave them a chance to win prizes. A number of arts and crafts including pumpkin painting and “spider making” gave them an opportunity to make some fun projects they could take home.  The food was generously provided by a local restaurant and the pumpkins from a local farm. With spooky Halloween music and costumes (for both the children and the AMA officers and volunteers), the children were provided with the joys and fun of a holiday they are often excluded from.


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